Thank you for being here

Hi, I'm Michelle! I began Fortiv out of a desire to re-envision what responsibly made clothing can look like, how it can be made, and how it can be a means for play, experimentation, and connection.

I love the craft of making clothes and believe that great joy can be found by both the maker and wearer when we embrace a slower, handmade process.

reclaimed fabrics

All of the fabrics I use are reclaimed from thrift shops, rag houses, vintage sellers and local manufacturers. With so much fabric already in existence, I wanted to create in a way that extends the life of these materials and reduces textile waste. I love the surprise of finding reclaimed materials and creating something special from what was once forgotten or left unused.

playful process

I value a process that invites play and exploration into the making of each garment. By working with ever-changing materials, I'm able to continuously experiment, deciding on pattern placement, details and seam finishes as I go.

I love to work in this way because it keeps the process fun and never stagnant. It also allows me to offer a range of possibilities for each style!

made to order + one of a kind

I create both one of a kind and made to order pieces depending on the cuts of fabric available. It brings me joy to be able to offer unique clothing and a custom experience that allows you to choose your size and select the style and fabric that connects most with you. 

natural dye

When I find fabrics or vintage pieces that could use some added colour, I use natural dyes. I love to play with varying techniques and discover possibilities along the way. I often partner up with local florists to re-use their wilted flowers, and use pigment dyes from a local/ ethical dye supplier.

thoughtful design

Each style is designed, hand drafted and developed with versatility in mind, created with the intention to be worn and made for years to come! 

I see Fortiv's collection as an ever-growing library, adding new styles as I go and changing what's offered as the seasons and fabrics change.

waste less

Throughout the process I look for ways to  reduce waste. Fabric scraps are saved to patch together, use in smaller projects, or as stuffing for floor pillows. Any scraps I don’t use are recycled through Fabcycle, a local textile recycling initiative.

made with love

By creating clothing in a non linear process and embracing a slower, more intentional way of making, I'm able to enjoy and put care into what I make.

I believe the story behind handmade clothes can inspire us to connect with what we wear and how it’s made. I hope that you feel the love that went into each piece of clothing, and that joy, comfort, and inspiration can come from wearing Fortiv.