reclaim. reimagine. redefine

Fortiv reclaims the clothing and textiles that exist around us, re-imagining what is and re-defining what could be.

Our mission is to reduce fabric waste while offering handcrafted clothing that inspires us to connect to what we wear and how its made. 


We see what we make as a way to extend the life of what has already been produced!
All of the textiles and trims we use are reclaimed from rag houses, thrift shops, and local manufacturers. 
Our fabrics are often in small quantities or up-cycled from existing clothes, so our materials are ever-changing- just the way we like it :)


Fortiv combines construction, colour and craft to transform reclaimed materials into truly one of a kind clothes.


We thrive on a continual process of play and exploration.
Working with ever-changing fabrics means that no two styles are treated the same. From the cutting to the seam finishes and details chosen, each garment is created on its own, hand cut and sewn with care.

Throughout the construction process, we look for ways to reduce our impact. Unused buttons and trims from up-cycled garments are saved and scraps are often patched together to create new materials. Any leftovers that don’t get used are recycled through a local textile waste initiative, Fab cycle. 


Natural dyes are used as a way to alter what we reclaim. Our process often layers multiple dyes, playing with varying techniques and discovering possibilities as we go.
We partner up with local florists to re-use their wilted flowers, finding a use for what would otherwise be composted. All pigment dyes are sourced from a local/ ethical dye supplier.


Fortiv celebrates hand crafts for the stories they share, the traditions they hold, and the imprint our hands leave on what we make. We practice a slow approach to fashion, resisting mass manufacturing and re-thinking the way we engage with crafts. Each detail we add becomes a symbol of transformation enabled through time and care.


Imagine if updating, altering, and mending our clothes was the norm? 

Imagine if we allowed our clothes to have more than one life, changing overtime as we do.

We are inspired by how we wear clothes, the stories they become, and how we pass them on.

We see the potential to transform what we already have and reframe our concept of waste. Our explorative approach challenges the perceived limits we’ve placed on our clothes and inspires us to redefine the status quo of clothing consumption. 

We believe the future of what we make begins with what already exists. We hope that by providing reclaimed clothing made with care we can inspire others to see the value in quality, craft, and reuse.

about the designer + owner + maker

Fortiv was formed by Michelle Larsen out of her home based studio in Vancouver, BC. The values and practices that Fortiv encompasses are rooted from a need to re-envision what responsibly made, up-cycled clothing can look like, how it can be made, and how it can become a means for play, experimentation, and connection. Fortiv is a continually evolving project, creating an opportunity to explore design possibilities and continually learn.