The Process

reclaimed fabrics

All of the fabrics I use are reclaimed from thrift shops, vintage sellers and local manufacturers. With so much fabric already in existence, I value creating in a way that extends the life of these materials and helps reduce textile waste.

playful process

The materials I find often allow for only 1-3 of each style, inspiring a playful and explorative process that enables me to continuously experiment.

Each piece is crafted one at a time, deciding on pattern placement, details and seam finishes as I go.

made to order + one of a kind

I offer both one of a kind and made to order pieces depending on the cuts of fabric available, providing unique clothing and a custom experience that allows you to choose your size and select the style and fabric that connects most with you.

thoughtful design

Fortiv's collection is an ever-growing library, with styles and offerings changing as the seasons and fabrics change.
Each style is designed, hand drafted and developed with versatility in mind, created with the intention to be worn and made for years to come.

natural dye

When fabrics or vintage pieces could use some added colour, I use natural dyes. Exploring possibilities along the way, I play with various techniques to create texture and colour that varies with each changing textile. Often, I partner up with local florists to re-use their wilted flowers, and use pigment dyes from a local/ ethical dye supplier.

waste less

Throughout the process I look for ways to reduce waste. Fabric remnants leftover from cutting garments are saved to patch together, use in smaller projects, or as stuffing for floor pillows. Any scraps that don’t get used are donated to local crafters or recycled through Fabcycle, a local textile recycling initiative.

handmade with love

I value handmade clothing for the stories they share, the traditions they hold, and the imprint our hands leave on what we make. Through Fortiv, I practice a slower approach to fashion, resisting mass manufacturing and re-thinking the way we engage with the art and craft of making clothes.

The scraps patched together, the fabrics dyed, and the details stitched, all enable a story to come forth through time and care. 

I believe that great joy can be found by both the maker and the wearer when we slow down and make clothes in this way. It’s important for me to enjoy the process of creating each piece, and I hope you feel the love each time you wear Fortiv! <3