care instructions

Our clothing changes overtime as we do, and just like us, they should be treated with care and embraced as they wear. 

Clothing that is dyed with natural dyes will alter in colour over time. They can be washed in the washing machine with a neutral soap on delicate cycle, but to preserve the colour for even longer, we recommend the following:


-wash by hand with neutral soap and cold water
-especially for silk and wool, don't scrub or rub the soap directly on the fabric, rather dissolve it first in the water and then place the garment
-let it soak for a up to 15 minutes, before gently squeezing the garment together and giving it a couple rinses. 


after gently squeezing the garment of excess water, we recommend hanging to dry in the shade


If ironing garment, use a cotton cloth on top and medium heat


care and things to avoid

do not spray perfumes directly on garments, as they could stain the fabric

when applying deodorant, wait for it to dry completely before putting on clothes- some deodorants contain substances that can change the colour

some foods
acidic foods or drinks such as lemon, vinegar or white wine will make a bleach affect, therefore acids should be avoided

Skin PH
Just like jewelry, some fabrics dyed with certain dyes may be affected by the natural PH of our skin or sweat, which may alter the colour slightly