A collaborative project my Michelle and Zena, inspired by wildflowers and finding small moments of wonder and peace in each day.

The roots of their collaboration began at Picnics Studio as they bonded over their values of slow living and shared excitement over natural dyes. With Zena’s background in textile design, and Michelle’s background in clothing design and natural dyeing, they were inspired to bring their skills together and collaborate. 

About the process

Mixing pigments of Logwood, Brazilwood, and Marigold, Michelle and Zena embraced a slow and laborious process, working at nature’s pace. 

After preparing and soaking the fabric by ‘mordanting’ it with Alum, the natural dyes were simmered into an extract and combined with a thickening gum to create paints. From there, Michelle and Zena were able to experiment with creating colours, mixing and diluting dyes to create the palette they had in mind. It mysteriously takes a few moments to appear on the fabric after painting, and so it became a very magical and mindful process waiting for colours to emerge and accepting the variation from one stroke to the next. 

Once the fabrics were painted, they were steamed for one hour, washed, ironed, and ready to be cut and sewn.

After much anticipation and hard work, Michelle and Zena are so excited to share this special collaboration with you! 

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